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Rent a mailbox in the Hallandale/Aventura, FL area for just $49/month!

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Let’s face it: your business needs an address to be successful in this day and age. Most potential clients searching for the products or services you offer to go to their favorite search engine and type in what it is they’re looking for, but these searches are usually location-specific. For instance, if someone is looking for a professional organizer in Hallandale they’ll search “professional organizer in Hallandale.” However, if your professional organizing business doesn’t have a physical address in Hallandale, you likely won’t show up in their search!

Many businesses that don’t have physical locations often turn to P.O. boxes for a quick and inexpensive fix, whereas other business owners will rely on their home address. But what do these addresses say about your business? Like it or not, prospective clients will make flash judgments about your business based on the address you use. Ideally, we’d all like clients to have an address to drive by and be impressed with a professional physical location, but not all of us can afford it!

Using a Home Address for Your Business is Risky

A home address for a business can seem legitimate at first glance to potential clients, provided they aren’t familiar with the area. However, if a client drives by the residential address that is listed for your business, they’ll quickly see that it isn’t an office building at all. What sort of judgment will that potential client pass on your business? Using a home address for your business can feign legitimacy at first, but ultimately negatively affects your brand image, making it appear less legitimate.

By using your home address for your business, you can open yourself up to all sorts of privacy issues. If you are operating an LLC and have listed your home address as your registered agent address, it becomes publicly-available information. Furthermore, if you have your home address on file for your business’ website domain name, you may be exposing your address to anyone who does a simple search. Protecting your privacy is becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on, but using your home address for your business address is one of the easiest ways to compromise it!

Using a P.O. Box: Inexpensive, but at What Cost?

A P.O. box is a common solution to set up a mailbox for a business that doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location. They’re relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to set up. Furthermore, they can offer a level of privacy that using your home address can’t. So, what’s the catch?

P.O. boxes have a rather notorious history when it comes to illegitimate businesses or scams. The level of privacy a P.O. box offers is a double-edged sword: because it’s difficult to find out who a specific P.O. box is linked to, it’s an incredibly attractive solution for scammers. Even if you are running a legitimate business using a P.O. box, these negative associations can adversely affect a prospective client’s perception of your business.

Additionally, P.O. boxes are not accepted for use with many business services. Having a Google business listing can significantly boost your business's online presence, as well as its search rankings, but you cannot use a P.O. box as your business address on Google. In essence, having a business P.O. box rules out one of your best marketing opportunities! While home addresses are risky with your LLC or corporation, a P.O. box can’t even be registered as your business address with either of these business types. Another limiting factor with P.O. boxes is that they will not be accepted as an address for your business’ bank account. Do you get any of your business’ mail through a commercial service like UPS or FedEx? Unfortunately, only USPS packages are accepted by P.O. boxes! The list goes on.

Why 221 Building is the Clear-Cut Choice

221 Building is a professional office building that offers a wide range of services for your business. Not only do we rent professional mailboxes that can receive mail from all carriers, but also fully-furnished conference rooms and office spaces with lightning-fast internet that you can rent on a daily or monthly basis. We’re a true office building, not a UPS storefront or post office, meaning your clients will see a professional office space, both inside and out. If by chance a client of yours should drop by, they will find a sleek, modern executive office space, and be welcomed by our receptionist.

Instead of being reliant upon your home address or a P.O. box for your business, getting a mailbox at 221 Building provides you with your private suite number for your business mail in Hallandale Beach. Some similar services only offer a mailbox number, which has many of the same aforementioned pitfalls as a P.O. box. Furthermore, instead of having to make an unnecessary and fruitless trip to the office, you can give us a quick phone call to see if you have any mail waiting for you. Our receptionist can even sign for any incoming parcels, saving you the headache of having to be home for a package or continually clearing out your P.O. box. Also you can have a professional mail forwarding service on demand!

Bonus: Reach More Clients

Even if you already have a business address, or even if you have a virtual office address in another city, getting a mailbox in an adjacent city can boost your business’ reach! If for instance your business is located in Pembroke Park but you’d like to reach more clients in the Hallandale/Aventura area, having a postal mailbox at 221 Building, located in Hallandale Beach, will make clients in that area more likely to find and turn to you. This is yet another reason to take advantage of the unique professional services 211 Building has to offer!

Ready to Rent a Mailbox?

If you’re ready for a professional address for your business without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location, 211 Building has everything you need. Choosing 211 Building isn’t just setting up a mailbox for your business, but also elevating your brand image by giving your business added legitimacy and curb appeal.

Sign up for a mailbox today starting at the low price of $49 per month!

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