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How to get a Physical Address for your Business?

Every businesses needs a business address, even when it's run from home. For personal privacy and safety reasons, as well as establishing boundaries, it’s not a good idea to use your home address. The question now is, how will you get a business mailing address since you work from home?

A Physical mailing address is vital for your business. It is not only for your receiving mail and as such but it strengthens your business, makes it more professional and increases your credibility as an entrepreneur.

Below we will tell you exactly how to get a physical address for your business.

What is a physical mailing address?

A physical mailing address is where you receive mails and packages from different mail carriers. Also, mailed application letters and other business matters. The address could be a physical street address or a PO box address.

Entrepreneurs like you with home-based businesses or online businesses can use their home address for business. But with that, it comes in conflict with your security purposes and will create chaos in managing both your household and your business.

A business mailing address comes in handy when you want your business to go to the next level. When you include them in business cards and other business matters. It will also make your business more professional looking.

Who needs a mailing address?

Every one of us needs mailing address for any purposed especially in the online era where everything is online even shopping, so mailing address is important for receiving those kinds of packages.

The list below are businesses that needs a mailing address for every business reason possible.

  • Start-up businesses

  • Online or Home-based businesses

  • Digital nomads, expats

  • Business owners, CEO or individuals

  • Tech companies

  • Businesses overseas, foreign businesses

  • Individuals

Basically anyone who will receive any kind of mail or package.

How to get a physical mailing address for your business?

There are a lot of ways in getting a physical mailing address for your online business.

First choice is by leasing a UPS mailbox and the second option is to lease a virtual mailbox. Both choices will give you the option to have real physical address. These two choices are my most recommended ones. Other choices are having a PO box, rent a co-working space, and buy or lease an office space.

Below will be their differences.

Renting at The UPS Store

UPS mailbox gives you real street address. They also accept any packages, not just from USPS.

Packages are efficiently stored until you pick it up. You’ll get a text or e-mail notification with new mail and can have it forwarded to you, wherever you're. Verification are sent to you personally for the added security purpose.

There are hundreds of UPS Stores. So, locating one wouldn’t be hard. However, you'll be restricted to a specific place to pick up or mail your packages. This service is not ideal if you’re regularly touring or working overseas.

UPS mailbox will provide you a professional look for your business but it cannot be used on legal matters as it is a virtual space.

A UPS mailbox can cost you from $20 to $25 per month. Check out their site here for more info.

Wnat more options? There are 11 mailbox locations in Hallandale Beach, Florida to choose from, including ours. Learn more here.

Ideally, UPS mailbox are for businesses that are in one place that are still and would more likely wouldn't travel a lot. This type of service is not suitable for Digital Nomads, and other individuals or businesses that moves a lot.

Rent a virtual mailbox

A virtual mailbox allows you to access and control all your mail digitally through an online mailbox. Unlike a UPS mailbox, operations are handled digitally, meaning you can just log in to your phone or computer and access all your mails from there.

Basically, you can do what ever you want with your mail once you have received it online. It also shows you a scanned version of your package so it is much easier than ever to look through all your mail without the clutter.

You will no longer be restricted by the post office hours, meaning you can look for mail, forward it or do anything at any part of the day or night with the freedom to send it internationally too.

To learn more about how to find a virtual office, check out our article here.

Use a PO box

A post office (PO) box is basically a locker for your mails at the post office. It includes a PO box street address or an authentic street address that you can hand out to others. Once you reserve a PO box, it becomes assigned to you or your organization. You can customize your PO box by picking out the size of its dimensions. You can grab your mails at your comfort.

Rent a co-working space

Another option might be co-working spaces, where in companies share working spaces to save on rent. There are tons of sites on the web for co-working areas. A quick Google search will be able to help you find one in a wimp.

Usually, companies that shares spaces ends up also having the same mailing address so be wary of this. But most of the companies can either customize address.

Buy or lease office space

Buying or leasing out an office space is the most expensive option among all. And with online businesses, this option should be the least considered as online businesses are basically in the virtual space. The need for a physical office space is diminished. But it will be helpful for regular meetings, or setting up a meeting with a big client.

Any option is a viable choice. Finding the right office space depends upon your business needs and your preference as a businessman.

Why choose a virtual mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is an excellent solution for companies that don't require a physical work place. Not only that it does carry out, you'll get a professional address and a phone number that adds up to the authenticity to your organization.

Virtual Mailbox also enables you to run your organization easily and effectively and never have to pay on the odds to have an office. Increasingly more businesses choose to work online to save up to the costs of office spaces and other expenses that comes at renting a space. So, virtual mailboxes are becoming in demand for such businesses.

Millions of internet marketers and small enterprises use a virtual mailbox to truly have a physical mailing address for their own businesses.

It also creates a natural presence in a specific place and have the access to services and facilities that a real physical address offers. You will also be able to save up on expenses, like in rent as most of your employees will be working from their homes. Having a virtual mailbox will not only give your business a professional look but also benefits you from keeping all your mails and packages organized. Home bills and business bills will not be mixed creating boundaries for personal purposes.

A safe way to hide your home address

A virtual mailbox will save you from dispensing your home address to potential customers or worse to buglers, crooks and any other bad person who wants to meddle with your business. Every business needs an address and your business address shouldn’t be the same as your home address even if the business doesn’t receive any mails.

By law, sending out emails is prohibited if your business does not include a legitimate address. With virtual mailbox your home address is as safer than ever while still having a legit business address.

Trust & Credibility

There are thousands upon thousands of new businesses ideals popping out of nowhere almost every single day and some of them may look like a scam while others might be real bad business.

Consumers these days are becoming more wary of unreliable business models. Gaining their trust as a lot harder work than ever before as they are now participatory in the making of a business. Instead, consumers are always on the look for trustworthy businesses that they can relate to and can be trusted.

With a professional business address by virtual mailbox or other options provide above, you’re presenting to your potential customers that you are a legitimate business worthy of trust and credibility.

Take a moment to think about it from the other perspective. Are you more likely to buy from a company that:

Personally, will you not be wary of the things online? Especially if those sites or businesses does not even provide you a legit physical address. Without any contact you can reach. Will you not be cautious about it? I would. So why would you not want a credible, legit, physical address for your business.

By being so. Potential costumers would not be wary of your business and will be able to follow-up in instances that a problem occur.

Setting up your Virtual Mailbox

Having an understanding of what a virtual office is, now we can now proceed on how to set it up. The following will help you set up your virtual mailbox.

Step 1. find a virtual office solution

Of course, the first step is to find a virtual office solution. TO note that you should have to look around with different platforms as to have a comparison with prices and what services they offer.

Other services that you might need with your virtual office:

• Automatic telephone answering • Live or virtual receptionists • Access to virtual or physical meeting rooms • The actual physical address, where you will be picking up your packages.

Step 2. Choose a location

Well, the obvious part is to choose your mailing address. It can be in any part of United States, or perhaps in any part of the world if those services are available.

Choosing your location is as important as choosing your business name as it affects your business entirely.

Step 3. Pick the Services that you need

Once you have selected your location, choosing the service offered with your office solution will be the next great step. With your virtual office solutions there are tons of other services offered with your virtual office. It is now time to either choose a package or customize it depending on your business needs.

Once you have selected your option you can always upgrade or downgrade them later anyway depending on your needs. Especially if the business is growing.

Step 4. Check your subscription & bBuy

Get ready with your credit cards as now you have selected your package you will now be purchasing it in either a monthly, yearly or a one-time subscription depending on the virtual office solution that you have acquired.

Step 5. Get your US Postal Form 1583

Virtual office requires a US Postal Form 1583 which means that you authorize agents to receive mails in behalf of you or your business. This implies you'll require a legal document.

The USPS Form 1583 is used to authorize a CMRA to receive mail on the customer’s behalf. It also ensures that a responsible party is linked to the mailbox.

Enjoy Your virtual office!

That’s it! It is that simple. Now you have your virtual mailbox ready for your business. If you know exactly what you need from it and where you want it to be located.


There area lot of varieties to help your business look more professional by having a physical address or a virtual one. It depends upon your business needs, expenses and all other things that concern your business.

And for online businesses that will be able to work from home, getting a virtual mailbox is the perfect solution for Entrepreneurs like you. Having a virtual mailbox makes your business look more professional and gain the trust of your consumers.

Having a physical address doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming. And by having a Virtual Mailbox, it will also be cost-efficient especially for online businesses. You can even share them with your employees. So, your business can run as smoothly as you want.

Expect to see the boom in the virtually office spaces and virtual mailbox as more and more companies become home based. Saving on office rent spaces and having the opportunity for employees to work on the comforts of their home.

Want more than a virtual mailbox?

Here at 221 Building Executive Office Sits, we provide several different mail service packages.

All includes:

  • A street address, not a P.O. Box number - which will provide a professional image for your business.

  • Office hour access: Come and pick up your mail when you are ready. We keep your mail and packages safe and confidential.

  • We accept packages from all shipping carriers so you’ll never miss a delivery.

  • Call ahead to find out if you have mail. Save time. Save a trip.

Mail Package


Includes professional mailing address with office hours access to your mailbox.  This includes standard mail, packages, couriers & client drop-offs.  Also includes Member rates for Day Offices & Meeting Rooms.

Mail Plus Package

$149 A MONTH

Includes all benefits of the MAIL PACKAGE as well as (8) hours of Day Office usage OR (3) hours of Meeting Room usage a month.

Mail Platinum Package

$279 A MONTH

Includes all benefits of the MAIL PACKAGE as well as (12) hours of Day Office usage OR (8) hours of Meeting Room usage a month. 

Learn more about our mailbox rental in Miami or Contact Us Today.

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