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Upgrade your image and rent a mailbox at a professional office building in Aventura

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Those first impressions last, and this holds especially true in the business world. The image of your business projects is of the utmost importance, and while many companies focus on strategies like implementing a comprehensive marketing plan, building a professional website, or even encouraging customers and clients to leave positive reviews online, one seemingly insignificant factor often gets overlooked. Your company’s address and its physical presence speak volumes.

Let’s be honest: not every business has a physical location or professional office space. It’s no secret that office spaces can be expensive with quite a bit of overhead that detracts from your business's bottom line. In Aventura, renting an office space on the smaller side of the equation can run you anywhere from approximately $2,500 to $5,000 per month. This usually doesn’t include utilities and additional services like housekeeping or maintenance that you need to keep your office space up and running, meaning these prices are often higher.

Your Business Address

Many businesses try to cut costs by simply having a P.O. box or renting a mailbox at a UPS store. Some businesses even resort to using the business owner’s home address as their company address, opening them up to a slew of potential privacy issues. If you’re looking to rent a mailbox for your business in Aventura, you need to approach these impromptu solutions with a high degree of scrutiny. As with most cost-cutting measures, the money you save could be having an impact on the money you could earn by damaging your company’s image.

Even if your business does have a physical presence, it may not be projecting a positive image for your brand if a customer or client were to show up unexpectedly. We can’t all afford high-end offices. Your office may not be the ideal workspace or even have enough room to conduct much-needed meetings or other essential business functions. There may be a lack of amenities if you’re looking to keep that overhead low, and you probably won’t have a receptionist, conference room, or even a lobby or waiting area. Your brick-and-mortar business location may simply be outdated and not reflective of the image you’d like to broadcast for your business.

What Impression Are You Giving?

But what do cost-cutting business strategies like the ones mentioned above say about your business? By not having a physical business location, you’re saying more than you think to prospective clients. It may give the impression that you’re a small fish in a big pond and that your business isn’t “successful” enough to have an office space. The same holds for lackluster office spaces: it gives an underwhelming impression of your company’s accomplishments, no matter how significant they may be. It may also give your clients the impression that you just don’t care if they have a comfortable space for them to conduct business with you.

In many cases, cutting costs when it comes to your business address can even cause clients and customers to question your company’s legitimacy. P.O. boxes are a popular tool for scammers because they’re extremely easy to set up and they offer a level of privacy that makes them difficult to trace back to the owner. Even if you’re running a completely legitimate business, something like a P.O. box or even a lackluster office space can make potential customers think twice before doing business with you.

What many business owners don’t realize is that certain types of addresses can limit your utilization of professional services that can benefit your business and boost its image. While P.O. boxes aren’t an acceptable address format for several services, perhaps the most damaging to your company image is the fact that they can’t be used for Google business listings. This effectively limits your company’s online presence and takes away a major marketing tool that could do wonders for getting the word out about the products and services you have to offer.

Renting a Mailbox at a Professional Office Building

Fortunately, you can get all the benefits of having a professional business address and an impressive physical presence without the significant overhead! What if we told you that you could upgrade your business image and have access to additional amenities to increase productivity, as well as offer a sleek, modern physical space to welcome all your clients for as low as $49 per month? All of this and more is possible with the 221 Building.

If you rent a mailbox in Aventura with 221 Building, your business will have a professional address and suite number, not a P.O. box number or simply a mailbox number. You’ll have a physical street address that your clients can visit and search online! Customers and clients will see a professional office building, and if they happen to drop by, they’ll be impressed by an expertly-designed waiting area, executive office spaces, and even warmly welcomed by our receptionist.

Not only will your clients have a friendly, smiling face to greet them, but you and your clients will also have access to additional amenities. 221 Building offers a variety of workspaces, modern executive suites, and spacious meeting rooms to rent at discounted, members-only rates for businesses that rent a mailbox with us. Clients can also physically drop off mail with our receptionist, and we accept packages from all postal carriers (unlike with P.O. boxes). Renting a mailbox in Aventura for your business has never been easier, and can now open so many doors for your clients and your company.

Rent a Mailbox at 221 Building Today!

With a variety of flexible membership options, you can be sure to get all of your company’s needs, including your professional mail forward in Miami, at one low monthly price from 221 Building. You can simultaneously upgrade your business’ image with a professional address, and gain access to a wide range of business services for as low as $49 per month.

Sign up now to start using your mailbox today!

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