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Rent a mailbox in Hallandale Beach at this 14,000 square foot professional office building

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Things change. It may seem like that’s true now more than ever. With more people working from home and more businesses trading their commercial leases for fully online operations, there are businesses out there without office spaces of any kind. And of course, there are those businesses that never had physical headquarters to begin with. While forgoing an office space may now be a way for you to cut costs and keep things running smoothly, or if it’s what has always made sense for your business, there are also downsides to operating a business without an actual office location. No physical office means no meeting place for clients, no reception area, no receptionist to greet them, none of the amenities that clients are used to, and very little control over the impression people will have of your business. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have a home-based business in need of a mailbox or you’re moving away from the traditional office-rental structure, you can make a change for the better for your business when you rent a mailbox in a professional office building in Hallandale.

When you need a physical address for your business

First of all, your business just won’t seem legitimate without one. Whether your business is on the larger or smaller side, whether it’s brand new or already established, you need some type of location for it. And prospective clients and customers will probably look this information up. Now, let’s say you don’t have an address at all. This probably won’t reflect well on your business. It might not seem trustworthy to first-time clients. Even in an increasingly virtual world, a physical address for your business is still a must.

Or maybe you have a mailbox address, but it’s a less-than-ideal location. Or maybe the building isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you’ve gotten used to it, but you could be losing business because your mailbox location or office space doesn’t make a good impression on future clients. If a client does an image search or drives by to check it out, you want to be sure that they’ll be impressed. You’ll want them to see something a little more professional than a mailbox store. 221 Building is a 14,000-square-foot professional office building for businesses in the South Broward and Miami area that need rental mailboxes, forward mail, or other office building features.

When your home address is not a good choice

‘Wait a minute,’ you might be thinking, ‘I can just use my home address, right? I’m already paying for that.’ There are times when you don’t want to use your home address, even if your business is home-based. Those prospective clients and customers -- and anyone else -- will be able to find your address with a few clicks on their favorite search engine. And while you value all of the people you do business with, you may not want every last one of them being able to easily find where you and your family live. If your city zoning laws don’t allow for home businesses, this can also be a problem -- you’ll need another location for your business. Renting an office doesn’t have to be your only option though. Affordable mailbox rentals in Hallandale from 221 Building let you have a business address without worry and at minimal expense.

When a PO box isn’t right either

LLCs can’t be registered to a PO Box. Packages from UPS and FedEx can’t be delivered to a PO Box. If a delivery needs a signature or if a client wants to deliver documents personally and all you have is a post office box or a box at a mailbox store, you’re out of luck. And -- maybe most of all – PO boxes are not Google-friendly. Google won’t let you use a PO box as your business address. Since this search-engine giant is how many of your clients may find you, and verify info about you, look for a better alternative to a PO box for your business. When you rent a mailbox in Hallandale from 221 building, you’ll have a street address and suite number for your business, a mailbox that accommodates deliveries from all carriers, and a receptionist to assist you with your mail during office hours.

When you need a meeting room… and the whole office experience

The coffee shop isn’t good enough. Your condo doesn’t have a conference room. And paying skyrocketing rents in South Florida for a space you only use a few times a month just doesn’t make financial sense. Maintaining a professional office space, keeping a receptionist on staff, decorating, hiring a cleaning crew, paying utilities – it all adds up. You shouldn’t have to rent an office if you only need to use it occasionally, but you shouldn’t go without the office space you’ll sometimes need. Instead of cutting into your overhead by renting an office, you’ll hardly use for your business, rent a mailbox from 221 Building and get the office features you need along with it. Meeting-ready conference rooms and fully-furnished day offices can be rented by the hour or by the day. Private executive offices are available to rent on a month-to-month basis. And your mailbox will be there, accessible 24/7 to let you stay on top of things.

If your business is now adjusting to a more virtual world, or if staying in the office all day has never been your style, we’re here to help you make the change you need. Find a flexible solution for your business. At 221 Building, you can have the professional business address you need, and the ready-to-use office space you need, whenever you need it. If you have a home-based business in South Florida, take a look at our building. We have mailboxes, workspaces, and conference rooms for rent in our modern, 14,000-square-foot building. We’re conveniently located between Broward and Miami-Dade.

Contact us today to learn more about renting a mailbox and office space in Hallandale, or sign-up now to get a mailbox for your business.

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