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Hollywood, Florida mailbox rentals now available

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Mailbox rentals now available at one of Broward's most modern and professional office buildings

Renting a mailbox for your business likely seems like a mundane, no-brainer that doesn’t require a lot of thought or weighing different options. Nevertheless, we all know business is all about maximizing value, whether it be for the services we utilize as business owners, or for the products and services we provide to our clients. So, renting a mailbox begs the question: why just rent a mailbox when you could add additional value for your business? What if you could rent a mailbox for your business and impress your clients at the same time? This is definitely something you need to consider when renting a mailbox for your business in Hollywood, Florida.

So Many Options!

When choosing a professional mailbox, there are a lot of options to weigh, such as a P.O. box, a mailbox at a UPS store, and even virtual mail services. However, all of these options fall apart when it comes to one thing: a physical presence for your business. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools for your brand and can make or break a client or potential customer’s impression of your company.

Not having a physical space or address for your business can shut the door on many opportunities for your brand. It essentially eliminates most of your capacity to engage in local marketing efforts and can severely impact the ability of marketing techniques such as local search engine optimization (SEO) to be successful. With a P.O. box, UPS mailbox, or virtual mail service, you won’t have access to a dedicated physical location for those all-important client meetings, which can have a negative effect on your brand image.

The Allure of Renting a Mailbox at a Professional Office Building

Fear not, there is another solution that can net a wide array of positive benefits for your business without the overhead of renting or leasing a dedicated office space! By renting a mailbox for your business at a professional office building, you can get the best of both worlds. By searching your address, clients will instead see a professional office building, not a UPS storefront.

There are numerous benefits to using a forward mail service, especially if you are frequently away from home or your office. Forwarding your mail ensures that you will never miss an important piece of mail and that your mail will always be delivered to a safe and secure location.

Even if potential clients are only doing a cursory search, this does absolute wonders for your brand image, because prospective clients can make up their minds about your company in as little as one-tenth of a second! Even if you have that one friend or relative who can’t seem to make up their mind, human beings are generally quick to draw conclusions, and we often do it unconsciously. Even if your clients aren’t telling you a physical location for your business is impacting the image they have of your brand, it most certainly is.

Having a mailbox in a professional office building also boasts another big advantage: the ability to connect with customers. Many mailbox rental services at office buildings offer additional services such as dedicated workspaces that you can rent and meeting rooms. Like it or not, meeting at coffee shops and other impromptu locations doesn’t really allow you to connect one-on-one with clients and projects a less-than-professional image.

Even companies that exist almost entirely in digital spaces are opting for a physical presence because it creates a wealth of opportunities for connecting with customers on a personal level in the area. For example: if you operate an online business but are based in Hollywood, renting a professional mailbox in Broward County gives your customer a physical location and point of reference they can see and connect with your brand. With the extra value-added services professional mailbox rental has to offer, your clients can schedule a meeting with you in a conference room or workspace that you can rent for a day or your company can schedule regular drop-in office hours by reserving a space in the building on a repeating basis. Having a mailbox in a professional office building for your business can help you to form a real connection with the local community.

Not Just Any Office Building Will Do

Simply having access to a physical address and location for your business isn’t enough. It’s important to consider the atmosphere and aesthetics of the professional building in which your business’ mailbox is located, because your physical presence can make or break a customer’s perception of your company. Your business is nothing if not the image it projects!

Design aspects of your business’ physical space such as lack of natural light or dated décor matter more than you think. In fact, 39.6% of participants in a study on office spaces cited these as most likely factors to give them a negative first impression of a business. A less-than-ideal space doesn’t exude “success” and may even make potential customers second-guess their decision to work with you. The physical space you choose is a direct reflection of your brand, and many times clients make judgments subconsciously. Something as unassuming as a cluttered office or even poorly organized cables (yes, cables) can have a huge impact on the impression people get of your business.

A reception desk alone is a powerful, often symbolic, first impression and directly reflects your company image. An old reception area may signal to prospective clients that your business strategy is outdated, whereas a modern space gives the impression that you employ innovative solutions and stay informed of industry trends. A dirty or dilapidated reception desk shows you just don’t care about your business, whereas a brand new, pristine desk shows you not only care about your company, but that your business is successful enough to afford new, shiny things!

Your Mailbox at 221 Building

If you’re looking to rent a business mailbox in Hollywood, Florida, 221 Building is the best choice for your business and your clients! You’ll get your own suite number, not a P.O. box or mailbox number, and be able to accept mail from all carriers. Your membership will give you access to member-exclusive discounts for reserving any of our fully-furnished, modern executive office spaces, and at no extra charge, any customers or potential clients who drop by 221 Building will be greeted by our receptionist in our art-inspired lobby.

Reap all the benefits of hosting your business mailbox at a sleek, modern, executive office space at 221 Building! Sign up now to lock in your mailbox at the low price of just $49/month.

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