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Best Virtual Office Locations in Aventura

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Woman smiling in her virtual office aventura

Virtual office business is growing, soon it will become the future of modern business. Virtual offices provide incredible office solutions at a very fair monthly charge. This is by far much better than a physical office, especially if you are a start-up, and you don’t have the capital to pay for the expenses of owning a physical office.

Moreover, Virtual offices offer amenities such as corporate mailing address, company fax number, company phone numbers, phone transfers and live receptionists who answer calls. They give your business the luxury of owning an office space effortlessly. With virtual offices, you enhance the trust of your potential clients on your business, by giving them a place where they can contact you.

The package offered also comes with your offices’ physical address which can be used on your business cards.

If your looking for a virtual office in Aventura then you may like our other articles on executive office suites in Aventura as well as mailbox locations in Aventura.

Get a virtual office in any of the locations below at a great monthly price

Aventura has a lot of potential as a location to acquire a virtual office. The place is quiet although central in terms of Florida's business district. You get to enjoy custom-made virtual office solution close to points of interest and gain access to reputable buildings that will legitimize your business. See why Florida is a great state to do business.

Some of the best virtual office locations in Aventura include.

Harbour center

Harbour Center virtual Office in Aventura

Harbour center offers upscale virtual office suits with lavish designs. The place is located at 18851 NE 29th Ave. Suite 700 Aventura, FL 33180. It easily accessible. The services are remarkable and exactly what you need to run your virtual office efficiently. They include a local professional business address that you can use on your business cards, licensing and websites.

There is a lobby receptionist stationed there to welcome your walk-in clients and give them directions. You get a specific drop off and pick up point with private day offices as well as conference rooms.

You also have an option to access daily mail forwarding and a registered agents. All these additional benefits come at a fee. The monthly price is only $95 which is very affordable compared to that of physical offices.

1031 Ives Dairy Road

1031 Ives Dairy Road - Virtual Offices

This is a prime location with outright virtual offices. This site is located at 1031 Ives Dairy Road, Aventura, FL 33179. It has a quite a view. Services available include a corporate mailing address for sending and receiving mails, company phone number to call your clients and receive their calls, voice mail convert to email and call forwarding.

Also, there is a professional live receptionist answering every incoming call. Conference rooms are also available upon request.

This virtual office only goes for $99, and you get discounts if you book for 12months in advance. Click here for more information.

Turnberry Plaza

Turnberry Plaza Virtual Offices Aventura Florida

Turnberry plaza is well situated. It is located at 2875 NE 191 Street, Suite 500, Aventura, Florida, 33180. This is one of the most affluent parts of Aventura. The virtual office amenities include business address, easy relocation program, mail handling which involves forwarding and pickup. You can also add call answering to your package.

Private offices are available to use at a center of your choice. If you take the virtual office plus package, you will have free access to a business lounge and conference rooms. You can pay for exactly what you need without necessarily having to use the all-inclusive package; this will cut costs thus very essential to your budget.

Prices are given upon inquiry. Turnberry plaza comes with a number of benefits designed to streamline your work.

Corporate center

Corporate center Aventura Florida Virtual Offices

The corporate center consists of two five-story buildings located at 20801 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 403, Aventura, Florida, 33180. This place has grown drastically in the past few years, and more businesses are coming up. It is the perfect place for a virtual office.

Their virtual offices feature amenities such as business address, call answering services and customization plan which allows the management to work with your schedule. They have an useful relocation program and mail handling. There are free business lounges whenever to carry out your private meetings. The lounge has professional staff to ensure every corporate meeting a success.

Due to Corporate Center plans are tailored to your specific needs, they are available upon inquiry.

Northeast 191st Street

Northeast Virtual Office Membership package

This is yet another place with breathtaking offices. It is well situated and designed. The place will amaze you by their stunning virtual office services. It is located at NE 191 Street Aventura.

The office comes with a full-scale package including receptionist who will answer any of your business calls, mail, modern conference room and business address which can be added on any of your business documents.

The place has a long-established reputation, and the location is blissful - surely it will instil trust in your clients, this will be very good in pushing your deals forward.

Prices are available upon inquiry. You will enjoy every luxury that comes with having an office address on such a reputable street. Get a space now and start off your business career with a thrust.

The 221 Building

The 221 Building, Aventura Florida, Virtual Office

The 221 building is a luxurious building with deluxe office spaces that will keep your clients amazed. It will certainly give your business a much-elated reputation that comes with trust. It is located at 221 WEST Hallandale Beach BLVD, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009.

The office has some remarkable features such as grand reception area; this is where your clients will be greeted and directed warmly. Fast WIFI that won’t lag your business workflow. Two kitchens to prevent commotion during lunch and breakfast hours. Mailbox with a key. Round the clock security to man the area and cleaning maintenance to make sure that you stay in a super clean and secure environment. Onsite parking and a great location make this a great choice.

For price inquiry, you can contact The prices of 221 Building offices are reasonable, since an office at the 221 building is trully a hit. Rent an office space and take advantage of the fully equiped and state of the art meeting rooms.

One Aventura

One Ventura Office Space Florida

One Aventura offers exhaustive virtual office services with some of the most amazing executive offices. It is located at 20900 NE 30th Ave, Aventura, FL.

You will get services such as 24hours CCTV which is an addition to the security personnel who man the entrance. It also has multilingual reception staff who will make sure that your clients are well directed.

They have spacious boardrooms and meeting rooms that are fully equipped with audiovisual and video conferencing facilities for virtual meetings. They offer fast broadband internet facilities to ensure fast internet whenever.

Virtual offices prices start from $99, and your clients get to enjoy the beauty of the scenery every time you hold a face to face meeting. Get an office space here and enhance your business reputation.

Aventura Optima

Ventura Optima, Florida Office Space

This building contains some of the latest, modern and luxurious offices with remarkable finishes. The size of the spaces are generous and the location at 21500 Biscayne Boulevard Aventura, FL 33180 is stunning.

Every single office suite is spacious enough to ensure that you get a impressive view of the surrounding. The offices are descent with great outlook, and you get to enjoy other facilities such as ample parking areas, super-fast elevators and incredible boardrooms and conference rooms that are well furnished with desirable finishes.

This office complex is exactly what you need for your business. There is also 24hour security with CCTV at various points. Customer friendly receptionists are always ready to welcome your clients and direct them accordingly.

Endeavor spaces

Endeavor Spaces office florida

You won’t fail to notice how organized and busy the place is. It has numerous offices that are so good and cozy. It is located at 17501 Biscayne Blvd. Ste 500 Aventura. FL 33160. You will get to interact with other business owners who are very friendly and interesting.

You are given full access to boardrooms and conference rooms. The working areas are spacious and well designed to give it that official look. The office and furniture areas are well organized with vivid colors that are meant to brighten up the decor.

For prices, you can always contact them here.

Golden Isles Virtual Office Service

Golden Isles Virtual office is the perfect definition of amazing. The building is located at Ste 201 GHallandale Beach, FL 33009. This place offers outright virtual office benefits that will not only give you an easy time operating your business but will also cut your cost by a huge margin.

They have receptionists who are more than glad to answer your calls. You also get to have your own business numbers and address that you can use on your business cards and on other official business documents. The package is completely affordable and efficient for your day to day operations.

Prices are available upon inquiry

For those who made up their mind and decide to stay in Aventura to try to get a virtual office, the above list will be of good value. These offices are located in accessible areas, and they have a powerful outlook that will definitely boost the reputation of your business and cause a remarkable impression to walk-in clients.

You also get to enjoy upmarket services at a small fee. Conference rooms are readily available and are equipped with everything needed to offer live presentations and talks. Get your virtual office now and watch your business grow into a big reputable venture.

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