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These Are 10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Mail Forwarding

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Getting a business started is no easy thing. It requires a lot of hard work, motivation, dedication, and great will. It might even mean going from failure to failure until you reach success. And you might want to keep your levels of enthusiasm high if you want to get there.

When you own a small business, there are a lot of things for you to worry about, business mail and packages included. And when our business is at the beginning and not making money yet, you can’t afford to spend a whole lot of money on expensive office space and fancy equipment. This is why more than half of small businesses are home-based, as proved by studies in the field.

Home-based means less spending, but more things to worry about, like a physical mailing address. Over 500,000 new businesses are formed each month, but only approximately 125,000 of them resist for more than 15 years. And we’re sure that out of these 125,000 almost none had to worry about managing their physical mailing.

So, securing an effective and reliable mail forwarding service can do a lot of good for your company and these are 10 reasons why.

What is Mail forwarding and how does it work?

Mail Forwarding is a service that provides your company with an efficient and professional way of setting up a commercial physical mailing address.

The process is quite simple. The company providing these services is the middleman between your business and your clients. So, how does it work?

First and foremost, you are provided with a physical mailing address for your, say, home-based business. This is the address you can give to all the third parties interacting with your business, from customers to investors or business partners. It wouldn’t look professional to give them your home address, right?

So, your mail arrives at this address. This address is secured and taken care of by the responsible company. When mail arrives at this address, you are notified and you can request to have the mail forwarded to where you are. This is the basics of how mail forwarding works, because, usually, companies offering this kind of service have a lot more features under their belt. For example, they can scan, archive, shred or recycle your packaging, depending on your will.

Moreover, you can set certain filters to make sure no junk mail could ever be forwarded to you.

So, what are the 10 reasons why you need this kind of service? Let us tell you!


There are many words for this: ease, comfort, utility, facility, suitability, you name it. The thing is, you want to make life easier for you and your business in areas where it is possible to do so, right? Mailing is one.

More so if your company deals with daily shipments or you just have to send important documents every week. Always being on the road to search for investors or new business opportunities, you don’t have the time to sit and wait until one important shipment gets to you, or just drive to the nearest USPS Post Office to get it, every week? How convenient is that?

There is also the safety problem, bank accounts, contracts, or statements being left on your front door for your arrival does not look like a wise decision. With a mail forwarding service, you will always have qualified providers to sign for your package and safely store it until you decide you want it forwarded to your address or just shredded away.


Yes, security is also of the highest importance. Public mailboxes can be robbed. You don’t want your bank account details lingering out there, in the open, do you? As for packages, who pays if you find one completely damaged package in your mailbox?

With one mail forwarding service, you can solve the problem on the spot. The facilities where your mail is stored are guarded by security guards and only experienced personnel gets to handle your mails. Passwords and advanced encryption keeps all your personal information under lock and key.

Time is money. The more time on your hands, the more money

All of these save you money. Just think about all the gas money gone down the drain for your weekly drives to the Post Office. Also, think of all the possible misfortunes of having damaged mails or packages. More than that, your mail will be stored in a guarded facility, with sufficient space so that nothing bad can happen to them, not even rain or storm can get to your mails. Moreover, there are also other features offered by the mail forwarding company, like printing, scanning, and shredding your documents if commanded so. You won’t need to buy a shredding machine, for example. It is all handled for you.

100% Professional

Most small businesses are home-based. Yours might be, too. This might influence possible clients’ perceptions of your business. Having a professional commercial address can build trust, but weigh down on your bank account. A professional mailbox rental and a mail-forwarded company is the most efficient solution, at least until you can afford to rent a real office space for your business.

Home privacy

Your business is your business and your life is your LIFE. Learning to balance these two is the key to a proper lifestyle. Not letting all your customers, investors, and business partners interfere with your life and keeping your home address private is a sane decision.

Just imagine having a client pay you an unexpected visit because he was just “passing by” and wanted to salute you at your office or an investor showing up at your door to speak about the next steps in your business.

Moreover, a capital city business address can attract more and bigger leads than your small hometown address. Just think about it!

No papers

With just one click or tap, all your mail can be shredded and recycled. No messy piles of mail in your little improvised office and no mistakenly losing important documents in the mess. You get physical mailing in the digital world. A paperless “working habitat” is the desirable climate for productive work and clear ideas. No mountains of documents crashing on you!

Improved customer response time

Having all your mail organized, you can always access it with a simple click and stay on top of your game in important meetings with clients. The documentation processing is done for you and you can visualize it on your smartphone or computer. This means you can react faster, respond faster to your customers and thus build a strong reputation in your business.

Physical storage space is no longer a problem

Your home should not be a storage space for contracts, packages, products, and different kinds of documents. With the aid of a mail forwarding service, you can save a lot of physical space. Usually, mail forwarding companies offer free storage space for up to 30 days after the arrival of your package, but if you need more than that, you can settle for a monthly fee and the firm can continue to store your mail afterward.

You can move office as many times as you please

Once you apply for a change of address, you’re set for life. You can change office as many times as you like, and your commercial address stays the same, without confusing customers or business investors. So, for example, if you moved your business headquarters to another place, customers can still send you mails to your address and the mail forwarding company will see to it that you receive them at your new location.

Your Employees can benefit from it as well

Keeping the level of employee satisfaction high is important. If you create one mail forwarding account, you can share that account with your employees or freelancers, or other remote collaborators so they can also receive their mail at your business’s address and have it sorted out for them. They will use a different username and password to log in and manage their packages separately from yours.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the mailing problem out of your business’s to-do list!

Find out more about our Mail Package Services Today

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