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Virtual Offices For Startups

Virtual offices have proved to be the way for many startups as they provide a sense of professionalism, even if you do not have a real physical office. A recent survey showed that many entrepreneurs are opting for it with 70% of large scale entrepreneurs, 55% of medium-sized and 69% of small scale business owners are utilizing and reaping the benefits that come with a virtual office set-up.

If you have identified a market opportunity and want to set up your business, you will find it hard to bring together quality task force as they are scattered around the world. However, with virtual office, you can enjoy those services and skills even from another country without even having to cross the border.

However, even for a virtual office, you will need the best task force with skills and tools to represent you in the world in the best way possible. Being associated with a well-established virtual office firm guarantee success and high engagement ratios. Below are top tools which shows you are dealing with a qualified firm, clients who you are worthy to partner with in your business.

Registered address for your business

In the modern world, image is everything when it comes to selling or marketing your products/services. With so many startups introducing themselves to the market each day, you need to be on the edge of the competition if you want to have a place in the market.

As a startup, you need to have a constant and strong brand representatives and corporate images in older to attract investors and users alike. Having a prestigious address will make clients and associates take your business seriously.

At a low cost, you will have your operation center located in a strategic location which immensely increases your reputation. It takes more than just quality products and services to be a few steps ahead of competition!

Web conferencing facilities

It goes without saying that for any business or organization to succeed, there is need for constant meetings and conferences. However, with a virtual office, everyone is remotely placed hence face to face meetings is not the best solution in the event a meeting is deemed necessary. Nonetheless, with the help of web conferencing tools, you can reap the benefits of face to face level of communication.

For this to work, you will need to download the designated app and get the associates on it by sending them invitation links from the app. Once they join, you will be able to have a live meeting regardless of their location on a face to face terms.

Cloud storage facilities

In traditional office set up, all the information and data is written or printed and the files stored in shelves for future references. However, this is not possible with virtual offices. There was need to devise a plan to store information because a business without past, current and future plans stored in writing is as good as dead.

The most effective storage facility for startups operating via virtual offices is cloud storage space. The services are offered by companies such as Microsoft Azure and Google.

Online storage allows your teammates to access relevant information any time regardless of their geographical location. There are numerous advantages that come with cloud storage over shelve storage such as the data is easily retrieved, there are no issues concerning loss or damage of information stored. When the right security procedures are adhered, the safety of the data cannot be bleached.

cloud storage

Prime location without a price tag

This is no doubt the greatest advantage of virtual office space. A virtual office has the ability to promote your business as having a prestigious address without you having to pay for the rent.

People believe that businesses located in prime areas such as the city centers or having expensive addresses are more capable and experienced than their competitors. When people realize you are a startup, they may tend to avoid your products and services as they will brand you as 'inexperienced'.

This will be a great disadvantage to you as the perceived lack of experience will act a s a roadblock towards your success. As a startup, when you obtain the right physical address, you will mitigate such issues without having to break the banks when you decide to go virtual.

Full receptionist team

Unlike having to pick a phone on yourself when operating from a home office, virtual office offers you the service where your phone calls will be answered in your own company name. This adds seriousness and professionalism to your business helping present yourself as well-established organization.

This service is a major boost to you if you are a startup because much of your time will not be drained when answering sales calls. All of this is left to the receptionist whom you don't have to pay a single dime.


With the current market conditions changing without a warning, your business plan should be able to adapt to the current situation swiftly. Virtual office guarantees you just that! They are flexible and allows your business to upgrade in accordance with the market demands.

Virtual offices call for no long term commitments and the packages are tailored to suit your needs. As you grow you can opt for another package that offers you the service you need at that moment.

Apart from financial and marketing flexibility, virtual office offers employees greater flexibility as they are not required to commute every day. They can work literally work any time even during late nights as long as it does not affect the operation of the organization.

No need to spend money on office supplies and furniture

When you are a startup and wish to run a physical office, you will be required to furnish the office for it to be fully functioning. The money used to buy desks, chairs, stationery or any items necessary could otherwise have been used to increase the scale of your business operation.

Furniture will require heavy investments up front let alone monthly maintenance and replacement of broken ones. With virtual office, you can have your staff work from home or a co-working space which is fully equipped. Additionally, since you are a newbie many banks or money companies will not be willing to lend you money. You therefore need to adapt virtual office to mark your journey towards great achievement.

Greater working flexibility and a less need for holidays

When you utilize virtual office space, you give your employees the ultimate level of flexibility. This allows them to choose which time of the day they are mostly productive. This boosts the level of the business performance as they give it their all. Having the freedom to work when they feel to without affecting the schedule of the business eliminates the need of constant leafs and holidays as the y are not glued to the computer most of the time.

This approach enables employees to balance their social and work life. Additionally, depending on the package you have chosen, you can have access to meeting rooms, desks, lounge space and other amenities such as gym where you can meet in person and help create a strong work bond.

An impressive employee perk

Nowadays, people are more than willing to take a lower salary or hourly rates as long as they work from home. For an entrepreneur, this is a win-win situation. You will be able to get premium task force at a reasonable salary rates because with the ability to hire people from any part of the world, gives you the bargaining power.

You get a dedicated local telephone number

When you have a well recognized local area code for your business phone number, it will make it much simpler for your business to attract the local customers and investors. People find local phone number more trustworthy, reliable and personalized unlike having an area code which is not categorized.

Professional live receptionist

Having professional live receptionist not only present professionalism but the seriousness of your business. This help investors and clients respect your business alike. The firm offers these services free helping you to save on overhead costs, time and space while keeping you on the edge of your competitors.

Reception 221 Building
Reception 221 Building

Have a corporate mailing address

As a startup, having a commercial mailing address is key as it will help build your business credit worthiness. It helps money companies or lenders identify your operational lactation which is necessary if you are to have any loan.

Cost Efficiency

Apart from a backyard office no other business office beats virtual office set up when it comes to cost efficiency while maintaining that taste of professionalism. You are not worried about furniture or communication systems. For a few dollars, you will be able to reap the benefits that come with virtual office space.

Local SEO benefits

As a startup, you can claim a location for your business without having a physical office space! How is this possible? If you wish your business to rank among certain search engines, yet you don't have a physical location, a virtual office will give you a physical location address and a phone number too.

This is extremely beneficial to your SEO purposes. You will be able to rank among the top results of search engines while enjoying the benefits that come with brick and mortar office setups without paying for them.


If you have been looking to reduce your overall costs on rent and office equipment, virtual office is the way to go. Choose a firm that is dedicated to offer you the utmost service while keeping the security of your business as their top priority.

For a virtual office in Hallandale and Aventura area Florida contact 221 Building today to see how we can help you!

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