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Virtual Offices Becoming Top Choice For Realtors In Florida

real estate broker in his virtual office

Florida was ranked as the second-best state to do businesses. But has the least amount of office space. This comparison shows that Miami has the least amount of office space available per person when compared to other major cities across the US. On average you can expect to pay $33.15 per square foot each month.

In 2015, Florida had 180,000 realtors which increased after 28,506 people passed the Florida real estate exam and became licensed sales associates, bringing the number to 221,000 real estate agents. This report stated that 65% percent of realtors are licensed as sales agents, 21% hold broker licenses, and 15% hold broker associate licenses.

So what's the solution to realtors working in Florida's booming economy but with fewer and fewer options to set up a professional realtors office?

Why a virtual office of course. Here's why.

Why Does a Realtor Need a Virtual Office

If you are a realtor in Florida, you need to gain a competitive advantage over other qualified agents. With the rising rate of office rental in an already exhausted market, this is where a virtual office space could help solve some of your business problems. The low cost and flexibility reduces your margins to help you keep a competitive edge over your competitors.

How Realtors Can Benefit from Virtual Office Rentals

Having a Professional Business Address

A professional business address exudes a positive image to your clients. As a realtor, your credibility is important. A business number helps you create the image of a reliable and stable business. All you need to do is choose a company or building and use their physical address. Moreover, you can get a number where your clients call you at will.

Receptionist Services

Apt communication is key to attracting and retaining customers. A virtual office gives you a virtual reception. It comes with a trained receptionist who answers your phone on your behalf. You do not have to worry about calling up leads or receiving calls.

Automated Services

You are able to integrate your activities, be it social media accounts, publishing content, managing your customers, or keeping track and maintaining leads. Modern apps help make managing a business online a lot easier than it was 10 years ago.

Access to Meeting and Conference rooms

Having a place you can meet your clients gives your business legitimacy. A virtual office comes with an executive office space and meeting rooms that you can use and pay for as needed without having to pay for the use of the space for the entire month. The flexibility of having access to professional areas to conduct work and work with clients means that you will always portray professionalism.

Your clients can access other facilities such as the lounge, break rooms and internet services as they wait. A virtual office acts like a physical office, the only difference is that you pay less.

Cost-Effective Services

A virtual office is a perfect space for a start-up business. Imagine having an office where you don't buy furniture and other office services? Amazing, Right? A virtual office gives you the liberty to expand your business at will. If you need more space, you simply hire out more meeting space. You save office expenses such as hiring a secretary, buying furniture, rent, transport to and from work costs and all other costs associated with a physical office.

Mail Delivery Services

You get a corporate mail address that legitimizes your business. Your mail is received by the virtual receptionist who secures them until you access them, or can forward your packages on request. No need to be physically present to sign for packages as they arrive, the receptionist will take care of all of that for you.

Wi-Fi and IT Support

Virtual offices are equipped with an in-house IT system. You have access to high-speed internet and free WiFi connectivity. Your clients get access to the internet and you can use your website with ease. The virtual office has in-house IT support system, you don't have to worry about maintenance.

How to Transition your Real Estate Brokerage to a Virtual office

You can transform your business to a virtual office in these simple steps:

1. Register a Formal Business

Build your profile by registering your business. Ignore this step if you have an established business. Engage the services of a legal and tax advisory. It is important to operate your business under the precincts of the law. In the future, you do not get in trouble with the state. In addition, you are able to navigate safely in case a customer decides to sue you.

2. Get a Business Phone Number

Get a local business number that you can incorporate in all your documents. Put it on your website, emails, social media and business card. It is advisable to get a toll free number where your clients can call you freely.

221 Building Meeting Room
221 Building Meeting Room

3. Inform Your Existing Clients of Your Change of Location

Inform your clients that you have changed the physical location of you business. Give them your new address. If your business already exists, make sure you update the address on your website, email, business cards, and your social media accounts.

4. Be Technology Savy

Use of a virtual offices calls for prowess in technology. Learn how to use cloud-based tools. these include EverNote or Dropbox where you will store all your important documents and links, google drive that enables you store and share all kinds of information, LoopNet for compliance and brokerage documents and Asana which requires the use of a virtual whiteboard.

5. Launch Your Website

A real estate business without a website is a real estate business missing out on a lot of business. A website connects clients as they search for property online.

6. Automate your business

Get an application that helps you integrate all your applications in one. This means that you are able to access your information in one space.

Downsides of for Renting a Virtue Office Space

It is not all rosy when you decide to go for a virtual office space. Sometimes you might find yourself struggling with time management because there are plenty of distractions. Sometimes there is the risk of bumping into unsecured networks, losing confidential information or exposing data which might cost your business.

There is always the risk of miscommunications, especially when a third party is handling your communication. Some clients prefer face-to-face chat or in-person conversations. In this business, a lot of negotiations and persuasion is involved. A virtue receptionist may not do that for you. emails, texts, and the use of social media may not pass the information as strongly as you would wish.

221 Building Executive Office Suite
221 Building Executive Office Suite


The challenges notwithstanding, virtual offices have far more benefits than a traditional office. You need to keep up with the changes in technology. Keep improving your virtual office features as technology advances.

If you are looking for a Virtual Office in the Hallande and Aventura area then contact 221 Building today for more information.

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Aug 25, 2023

The digital shift in the world of real estate is evident, and this post captures the essence of this transformation. It's fascinating to see how virtual offices are becoming the preferred choice for realtors in Florida. This trend not only makes operations more flexible but also meets the demands of an increasingly digital clientele. For those looking to sell your house, this means a smoother, tech-savvy experience with professionals who are in tune with the latest in the industry. It's a testament to how the real estate sector in Florida is adapting to the modern age. An enlightening read for sure – it's the future unfolding right before our eyes!

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