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Things To Do in Hallandale

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

things to do in Hallandale beach
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After a long week at work, Friday evening is finally here, and you can’t wait to relax and have some fun over the next couple of days. While binge-watching Netflix is good for some mindless entertainment, the outside world awaits!

The good news is living in the Hallandale offers many activities for everyone and anything you want to do. Listed below are a few of our recommendations on what you can look forward to the next time you want to get out and enjoy your time away from work.

Top Attractions

Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach

Perhaps the most significant advantage of living in Hallandale is the proximity to the beach. With the city situated along the southeast coastline of the state of Florida, it is rated the number one nature and outdoor attraction in Hallandale thanks to its beautiful beach and warm waters throughout the entire year.

Hallandale offers many beautiful beaches and warm waters during the whole year. South Beach may have the notoriety in the surrounding area, but you can be just as relaxed (or maybe even more so) at Hallandale Beach.

Walking Is Relaxing

Turnberry golf course things to do in hallandale aventura
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Often taking a simple walk through a park can not only clear the mind but also relax and recharge you before going back into work. Fortunately, there is a great location to do that next door to Hallandale in Aventura. The Aventura Circle is a peaceful and beautiful three-mile-long pathway that encases the local Turnberry Golf Course.

Along the path you can see various animals, take in a natural beauty, or if you prefer, take a nice jog instead. Aventura Circle is a safe and beautiful trail that is sure to make you feel better by the time you get off of it.

Experience Nature Up Close

Just a few miles north of Hallandale Beach is the Anne Kolb Nature Center. It has been open since 1996, and it provides visitors the chance to experience and interact with many different types of plants and animals through its trails and exhibits.

The 1,500-acre coastal mangrove wetland includes endangered plants, and animals and visitors can sightsee via the trails or environmental boat tours offered, fish, and paddle around the complex.

There is also a 200 seat amphitheater and observatory located on the grounds. Florida is known around the globe for its natural plants and animals, and the Anne Kolb Nature Center does a great job of showcasing just that.

Food Picks

Best Restaurants In Hallandale

The southeast region of Florida is a food lover’s paradise. It feels like there are an endless amount of options to choose from when it comes to the type of food you want. Most know that Cuban and Latin American cuisine has a strong presence between Miami, Hollywood, Aventura and Hallandale.

Best restaurants in hallandale
Padrino's Cuban Cuisine

A restaurant like Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine is considered a staple of the Hallandale and consistently receives high ratings with guests. Of course, with the city’s proximity to the ocean, upscale seafood restaurants like Juniper On The Water boast fresh, daily seafood while also providing spectacular views of the skyline and water. Residents have also seen an increase in food trucks and the “street food” they offer over the years.

best restaurants in hallandale
Juniper On The Water

Either way, there is something for everyone in Hallandale and the surrounding areas. If you would like a more in depth analysis of the best restaurants in Hallandale, we have already selected the regions most popular choices.

What T Do At Night?


plug in play karaoke things to do in hallandale

Whether you are with a group of close friends or with your co-workers, Karaoke is always sure to be a fun time for all, with everyone singing along to his or her favorite tunes and pretending they are the next pop star.

Many Karaoke bars, such as the PlugIN Karaoke Bar in Hallandale, offer private rooms for guests so they can be as loud and relaxed as they want. Many also include full-service food menus and bars at the establishments and are open late into the night. The next time you feel like you want to scream to blow some steam off think about shouting into the microphone instead.

South Beach Clubs

If you talk to people about Miami chances are they will mention South Beach at some point. South Beach does have a lot to offer both during the day and at night. In the daytime, it has the beaches for people to relax and enjoy before they get ready for the nightlife.

story night club south beach
Story Night Club

The night scene along South Beach is unlike any other in the country. The streets contain world-class bars, clubs, and lounges which can feature some of the most luxurious food and drink to the casual.

Celebrities are known to go out in South Beach and check out any of the numbers of world-famous DJs that could be performing on a regular basis. South Beach is just a brief 30 minutes away from Hallandale making it an ideal location to go out and enjoy the nightlife.

Sport and Gambling Options

South Florida Sports

It is no secret that South Floridians love their sports. The Miami/South Florida region contains a team from each of the four major sports league (NFL, MLB, NBA & the NHL). With that said citizens in the Hallandale have the chance to watch and attend a live sporting event just about all year long.

miami dolphins football stadium things to do in hallandale
Miami Dolphins Stadium

There is also a handful of college and universities between Miami, Hallandale, Aventura and Hollywood that offer sporting events as well. Sports are a significant cultural aspect in the region, and you can be sure to find some game on an almost daily basis to attend.

Gambling In Hallandale

Gambling, if done responsibly, can provide hours of fun. Located within Hallandale and the surrounding area are three casinos. One of the casinos, the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, contains a horse racing track and is home to the Florida Derby. The proximity to a variety of casinos in Hallandale means you never have to venture far for hours of entertainment, or if you feel like luck is on your side that night. Read here for a more in-depth look at the Florida Derby.

Having a proper work-life balance is vital. Not only will it reflect positively at home with family and friends, but you will also find your productivity increase as well at work. It is essential to know what your area has for fun and recreation to create this balance. That’s why a location such as Hallandale, where you can access anything from nature to nightlife to sporting events, becomes an ideal location for business and employees. Contact us if your looking for office space rental in Hallandale

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