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How Getting Listed on Facebook, Google Map and Yelp Impact Your Business

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Ever given it a thought how platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google Map can impact your business? Having a listing on these platforms provides your business with an array of benefits not guaranteed by other platforms. Below are some of the benefits you get.

Opportunity to get reviewed

Having a Google My Business Page, Facebook Page, and Yelp page allows you to collect reviews from your customers. You can use these reviews to know what your customers think about business, whether they are satisfied or not, and a whole of other things about your business.

Additionally, your business can benefit a lot from the feedback, especially if your prospects are those who rely on reviews to make a decision. Lastly, you get an opportunity to interact with your customers.

Higher Google ranking

Google uses different metrics to rank websites. Reviews are widely used in the ranking process. Any array of positive feedback from these platforms gives you a competitive edge. This automatically results in your business visibility, which further increases your chance of been selected over your competitors.

Higher conversion rate

So, how does this work? People searching for services and products tend to use specific search terms. For example, they may use location and type of business to narrow down. If that is the case and your business happen to fall in the category searched, your business may pop up.

A pop up in any search means you can convert those looking for products and services you offer to new customers. A Google Map listing at this time may be the best option to leverage.

Help with Narrating Your Story

This is another benefit you cannot let go. Anything said about your business on these platforms contribute to your business story. A review left by a client, whether positive or negative is part of your story. The best things with these platforms is that they help shape the kind of story you would like to hear about your business. For example, when clients leave negative reviews, you can address the concerns raised, and this helps in telling a more meaningful story about your business.

More Connections

Businesses work tirelessly to expand their wings. These platforms are beneficial when looking to expand. The fact they allow you to share reliable information also give you an opportunity to expand your digital footprint.

Additionally, you can rely on these platforms to pop on specific searches based on the data collected. Facebook, in particular, is a good option if you are looking to get more connections based on collected information and customers reviews. Ask your SEO specialist to help you build your online presence.

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