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Why Florida Business Consultants Need Their Own Virtual Office Space

man and his virtual office on the beach in Florida

As a business consultant working in Florida you are at an advantage as being amongst the countries second placed state in terms of economic growth as well as the 5th largest economy in the United states. In this article we will tell you why as a business consultant you need to take advanatge of virtual office rental space for your business. Check out our article on 10 Reasons to do Business in Florida for more information.

But first...

Short History of Florida

Florida, meaning 'Land of flowers' in Spanish is located at the Southern side of the United States. It borders Gulf of Mexico to the West, Alabama to the Northwest, Georgia to the North, Atlantic Ocean to the East and Straits of Florida to the South. It occupies an area of 170,300 km squared and is occupied by around 20, 612, 440 people.

Florida came to the limelight with the inhibition of the peninsular first Native America approximately 14,000 years ago. The arrival of a Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon, in 1513 marked the beginning of documentation of Florida's history. Florida was a colony of Spain, France and Great Britain. These colonies ruled Florida from the 16th century way into the 19th century where it officially became a territory of the united states in 1821.

Florida has grown in leaps and bounds since its admission to the union as the 27th US State. The state is now home to refugees from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. By 2011, the state was named the third largest populous state with a staggering population of 19 million inhabitants.

Due to its warm and favorable climate, the state enjoys a wide range of economic activities including farming, livestock keeping, fishing, tourism, real estate, burgeoning of financial institutions and business destination for many business people across the globe. In 2018, Florida was named the fifth largest economy in the United States with its $ 1.0 trillion economy. In 2017, Florida ranked 26th in terms of per capita personal income at $ 47, 684. Politically, the state holds the swing vote and played a major role in the election of both Bush presidencies, Clinton and Barack Obama. The swing vote saw President Donald Trump trump over Hillary Clinton in the most recent election.

Why business consultants in Florida Need their Own Virtual Office Space

Florida is strategically located and has relatively favorable climatic conditions. It is also characterized by improved cost of living and skilled workforce. You know that these are characteristics of a flourishing economy. As a result, the state is an attractive business destination for firms seeking to establish a business niche in the United States. Having being listed as the second best place for business in the united States, you can imagine the competition for space by potential business people. A quick look at the most sought after business places in Florida reveal that Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville top the list. In 2015, the cost of office space in Miami goes for $ 44.18 . sq.ft. In the previous year, the vacancy rates decreased by 1% to average at 14.4%. The B class office floor space is the most prevalent in areas such as Biscayne, Miami Lakes, Central Dade, and Miami airport. You will most likely experience a hard time trying to get office space in Coral Way, South Miami and Coconut Grove. Office space is scarce in Orlando, with prices skyrocketing to $ 19.54 /sq.ft. In 2015, vacancy levels decreased to 13%, with East Orange and South Orlando recording much lower levels. Asking prices in Orlando averaged at $ 22.83 / sq ft and $ 23.70 in East Orange. You can imagine the fuss of getting office space in and around Orlando due to its association with global leisure destination and entertainment center. In the first quarter of 2015, the vacancy rate in this Orlando was above 7%. It is evident that you must incur huge costs in securing and running an office in Florida. As a business person, you need to opt for a business strategy that will not only save you cost but also enhance your business growth. This is why a virtue office space is the best alternative for you.

Use a Virtual Office Space Rental to Improve Your Business Consulting Practices

Gradual technology advance leads to constant change in customer expectations. As a business person in the United States, you strive to achieve higher productivity while still struggling to maintain a competitive advantage. Virtual office space helps you achieve efficiency and saves you cost at the same time. You are able to attend to business matters from any location in the world. The fact that you do not need the normal traditional office space is an added advantage. What a virtual office space does is give you an opportunity to receive your mails, make and receive phone calls, receive and disburse clients' documents through a person acting as your staff. Here are some of the advantages of a virtual office space:

Saves Time

You have probably reported to work late on several occasions. Maybe lost an important business deal because you failed to show up on time? If your answer to these two statement is affirmative, you need a virtual office space. This space enables you save time used to get ready for work and commute all the way to a traditional office space. Imagine taking your loved ones to that vacation you have been yearning for because you can work from wherever you are? Spectacular, right?

Professional Image

A business address puts your company on google map enabling potential clients to reach with ease. You give your business a credible and professional touch. You create a right impression when your clients are able to access you wherever you are. You legitimize your business by having a physical address. This gives you a competitive advantage over business people who work from home.

Boosts Productivity

You do not need your employees to be physically present at the work place. This implies that you access exceptional talent spread across the divide. This enhances the quality of your products and services. In addition, employees can work from home saving on time spent commuting to work. Your workforce is relieved of daily travel budget. The flexible work schedule and minimized disruptions increases employees productivity. Do you spend a considerable amount of time in the office monitoring your employees activities? Not again. A virtual space ensures that you remain with the most efficient employees. This is because you work towards achieving specific goals and targets. You dismiss those who don't deliver without much drama.

Save Money on Office Space, Equipment and Other Office Related Expenses

You do not require a physical office hence save space and cost of renting one. You access meetings and training rooms at your convenience. You have no budget for lease, purchase and maintenance of office equipment, utility bills and personnel to man the office. You are saved from the hassle of getting new office space in case you upgrade or downgrade your personnel or business activities. You avoid extra expenses such as transport fee, grooming expenses, and daily maintenance expenses such as lunch.

Helps to Relieve Work Related Stress

Working in a confined office space presents many challenges. Employees have different personalities and react to issues in varied ways. You incur unnecessary loss if employees' productivity reduces due to misunderstandings.

Provides Work-life Balance

Lack of work-life balance leads to employee burn out. Overworked employees are not able to relate well with their family. As a business person, you fail to function effectively if you are not at peace in your own home. Virtual offices enables the transition from office to work, creating an appropriate work-life balance.

Virtual Offices Are More Affordable

You are only required to pay a small monthly fee to a firm or company to have your business address listed as that company's or firm's address. You can use cash meant for leasing commercial property to grow your business. If your business is in the formative years, then a virtual office is the best avenue to get your business off the ground. In case you need to meet a client, it is possible to access a room or conference area on a temporary basis.

Virtual Office Options for Business Consultants

A variety of diverse and vital options await you when you decide to rent a virtual office space in Florida. You have an option of incorporating these options in your general rental package or reserve for use when situation demands. These options include training and boardroom rentals.

meeting room 221 Building
Meeting Room 221 Building

Training and Boardroom Rental

Training and boardroom rentals are availed upon request. You can access these rooms if you need to hold meetings, carry out a training or any other work-related activity. The rooms are secure and you are allowed to conduct confidential interviews. The rooms are available on need basis and you only pay for the duration you access the rooms.


By now you must be wondering where you can get a reliable company, firm or building to establish your virtual office? Look no further! The 221 building is your ultimate virtual office destination. All of our virtual office membership packages come equipped with the following:

  • An office space that you can redesign to suit your business need.

  • A 24/7 access to services

  • An ideal location where you can access all social amenities at the click of a button

  • Access to professional receptionists who customize your calls

  • A competitive rental package, fully equipped with a telephone number, WIFI, air con and 24/7 security

  • Access to meeting rooms when you need a professional space to conduct your business

  • You do not have to worry about your clients in your absence, we meet and greet and make them as comfortable as you'd wish.

Private Executive Office 221 Building
Private Executive Office 221 Building

For only around $49 a month, you can access the above and much more. Contact 221 Building today for more information.

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